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Keeping it up

For most of us, the electronic tablet is now a fixture of our lives. In the space of less than a decade, it has gone from being an exotic gadget to a commonplace item, with many households featuring multiple such devices.

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Bored of the rings

For people suffering from tinnitus, the irritating ringing, buzzing or hissing in the ears can be debilitating. Even if you’ve never had it, you can probably relate. If you’ve ever had water stuck in ...

Helping hands

We’ve all felt like we could use an extra pair of hands now and again. Sometimes another set of eyes would come to help us complete a task more efficiently – or safely, too.

For the birds

Arable farmers are constantly looking for new ways to scare birds from their valuable crops.

Help the aged

None of us is getting any younger. It’s not something a lot of us want to think about, but ageing is inevitable.

Save the trees!

A staggering 60,000 new wooden electricity poles are needed in the UK every year, with a further 50,000 in the telecoms industry. These poles can take up to 18 months to source and deliver, because ...

Anti-theft bicycle

Being a cyclist can be fraught with danger. Not only must you be ever vigilant of drivers who either ignore you at junctions or don’t give enough room when they pass by on the road, and pedestrians ...

Cutting edge

As most men will testify, achieving a clean shave with an electric shaver is never easy. All too often, there is some residual stubble or skin irritation.

Eyes right…

Many of us of a certain age have had the experience. You start to read a book, newspaper, magazine or phone screen and suddenly realise that the text isn’t as sharp as it used to be. You move the ...

Calming traffic

Speed humps and bumps, lane narrowing obstructions, stop signs and a multitude of traffic calming measures are the bane of the suburban driver’s life.

Pairing up

We’ve all been there, you’re on your way out to a posh do and you need your best shoes, the ones that only ever see the light of day at the occasional wedding. But, where are they?

Unspillable glass

It may seem like a distant memory, but summer is almost here again and perhaps, weather permitting of course, you’ll find yourself at a BBQ or picnic sometime soon. There’s just one problem: how and ...

A better brush

Show me that smile! Show me those pearly whites! For many of us, keeping our teeth clean is a routine that happens twice a day without really ever thinking about it. The trouble is, for many others, ...