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Manufacturing back in fashion

While finance and service-led industries are paraded as the saviours of the UK economy, one leading UK manufacturer is intent on making people in the engineering industry proud.

Transforming uncertainty into opportunity

A time of uncertainty is a time for action, not for waiting to see how things play out. Stephen Aldersley, CEO of Goodfellow, suggests several forms that action can take.

Addressing grand challenges with design engineering

As we approach 2020, there are a number of global trends and technological opportunities ahead. But while UK design engineers are held in the highest regard for their innovative nous, for maximum ...

An interview with the Mythbusters

After 14 years of challenging commonly held beliefs and movie scenes, MythBusters television show has come to a close. The series uses scientific method to test the validity of rumours, myths, ...

Behind the hype

Most engineers want to get their hands on a 3D printer, and the hype behind the sector is as strong as ever. But, how does the world’s premier manufacture of machines view future prospects?

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