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Bearings and beyond

What are the future technological directions for SKF? Paul Fanning asks Dr Alan Begg, the group's senior vice president, technology development & quality.

Looking locally

The demise of the RDAs has raised many questions. Paul Fanning asks Greg Clark MP, Minister of State for Decentralisation and Planning Policy for some answers.

The future of fuel

How will cars be designed in the future? Paul Fanning speaks to Jamie Turner of Lotus Engineering.

A Minister for change?

Government's role in addressing the skills crisis is vital and, according to John Hayes MP, Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning in the Department for Business, ...

Hitting the targets

The Carbon Reduction Commitment may be concentrating minds on energy efficiency, but there is still some way to go. Paul Fanning talks to one of those who is trying to spread the message.

Nano gets bigger

Nanotechnology is here and now. Paul Fanning talks to Dr Martin Kemp, who is seeking to help the technology make the leap into the industrial lexicon.

Stronger together

Bringing together four companies to create a single-source solution is the challenge facing Tony Lowe of ARRK Europe.

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