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Bonded filters take the pressure

A small company has devised a low-cost integral filter mesh and seal, capable of withstanding working pressures of up to 200 bar.

Fibre tape takes the heat

A form of carbon fibre that will offer the designer higher heat transfer in a more usable format

Brushing up on alternatives

Servos and steppers – the other side of the motor coin – to see what is on offer to the designer

On the move

Alan Yurko, chief executive of Invensys gives his view of the future direction of engineering giant

Taking it to the limit

Leading experts talk about the factors that limit the performance of rolling element bearings and how the frontiers are being pushed back

Plain speaking

The tricky question of where plain bearings might be used instead of roller bearings

Lorries get a tough brake

All motorists should be aware of how difficult it can be to come to a stop from high speed.

Hot air goes with the flow

Airflow is a major factor to consider in many designs, whether for the aerodynamic effect around cars or the cooling effects within them.

Healthy on the surface

Gears, car parts and motorcycles can benefit from emerging methods of surface treatment – as long as the costs can be justified

Save with sensors

Sensors and machine intelligence add cost, but prices are dropping, capabilities improving and payback times becoming shorter