Control & Automation

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Boosting NOx reductions

Improved fuel efficiency and emissions reduction are constant goals of aero engine manufacturers since they represent huge proportions of aircraft operating costs. Now, a UK-led project has unveiled ...

Cybersecurity in design

The risk of cyber attack has the potential to go hand-in-hand with the adoption of Industry 4.0. What is manufacturing doing to combat this threat?

Futureproofing aerospace connectivity

To capitalise on the growing trend of providing reliable connectivity on commercial and military aeroplanes, one global company standardised its entire test division to be more flexible and improve ...

Robotics demands bearing innovations

Robotics and automation are facts of the modern industrial environment. As they become more adaptable and more intuitive, manufacturers are realising their potential to reduce costs, increase ...

Scalable controller drives efficiencies

The capacity for greater control of individual components – as well as higher torque and speed control – make a new system a tempting prospect for the automotive sector.