Fastening & Joining

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Pipe welding problems solved?

Global expenditure on pipeline construction and servicing is expected to reach $216billion over the next five years, with over 270,000km of extra pipeline expected to be installed. However, one of ...

View from the top: Growing gains

Fastening supplier TFC's growth over the last few years has been extensive. Here, Paul Fanning talks to the company's MD Morgan Burgoyne about the philosophy that underpins it.

Adhesive bonded studs Vs. traditional welded studs

Sheet metal is one of the fundamental material forms used in metalworking. It can be easily cut and bent into various shapes with countless everyday objects relying on the process for manufacture.

Fixing the composite question

Strong as many engineering composites are, they can be easily damaged by a fastener that would give excellent service when joining metals. A second limitation on the use of metal fasteners with ...

Adhesives offer binding solutions

It is probably fair to say that the perception of the adhesives market is that not very much tends to change very often. And while it is probably true that change tends more towards the incremental ...

Advanced materials benefit fastener manufacturers

There has been a trend in recent years of using unconventional materials on conventional parts and components. Whether it is to remove weight, offer superior performance, allow performance in ...

Quick access fasteners turn heads

Three years ago, inventor of the quarter turn quick access fastener, Dzus Fasteners, developed the D8. The fastener incorporates an advanced and unique manufacturing technology using a rolled cam ...

Snap fit and vibration-free for BMW

Justin Cunningham reports on how demountable, vibration-free fasteners ensure that the mirrors on BMW motorcycles give drivers the steadiest view ever.

Fast fastening

Tom Shelley reports on fastening and joining components for motorsport and other demanding applications.