Fastening & Joining

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Joining in

Advances in bonding, welding, joining and fastening will be explained in greater depth at Eureka’s ‘Joining Technologies’ Design Day next month

Captive fastener snaps to it

Dirak has brought out a captive fastener that uses its D-Snap technology to allow it to be installed in a moment in suitably stamped cut-outs

Time for a little bonding

Two techniques developed at Fraunhofer Institutes could lead to stronger glasses that are made more quickly and cheaply. Lou Reade reports

U clamps the key to rapid scaffolding

Ingenious screw-up ‘U’ element clamps, are key to the success of the Lobo Systems method of quickly erecting scaffolding, platforms and temporary structures

Gripping solutions

A hand clamp is able to grip hard with a 500N holding force, because it combines both screw and wedge actions

Join together

Tom Shelley reports on a technique similar to adhesive bonding that will join dissimilar materials to one another

Making and breaking bonds

A magnetic additive speeds up adhesive curing and component debonding. Julie Bieles reports

Stuck on you

Scientists at BAe Systems have developed a way of making an adhesive pad – without adhesives. Lou Reade reports

Adhesives for lightweight aluminium speed boat

One of the world’s most prestigious marine engineering projects – the construction of the Silvestris speed boat – combines structural bonding with an aluminium space frame.

Locking up future access

Tom Shelley reports on some novel latches that are bringing about a revolution in access control

A clip for all purposes

Tom Shelley reports on an ingenious device for quickly connecting objects with tubular metal parts allowing an equally quick disconnect