Fastening & Joining

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A clip for all purposes

Tom Shelley reports on an ingenious device for quickly connecting objects with tubular metal parts allowing an equally quick disconnect

Get involved early in design

By getting involved much earlier at the R&D stage, a fastener supplier has helped a manufacturer of car pistons and filters cut costs and improve quality

Ball latch is tool adjustable

Tom Shelley reports on a simple latch designed for home furniture whose fundamental principles could be applied anywhere.

Simple approach gets a grip on many problems

Tom Shelley reports on an idea which started with cold joining metals, advanced into improving tool holding and now looks to take off into skin care and household cleaning

Reusable stud achieves maximal hold

Tom Shelley reports on a fastener which offers benefits in an unusually wide range of potential applications, include joining to composites and wood

Blind insert doubles grip for plastics

The need for fewer fasteners, plus speed and flexibility of installation is forcing design engineers to search for improved fastener solutions, particularly inserts for soft metals, plastics and ...

Composites joined to avoid fatigue

In order to repair aluminium or composite structures in areas subject to high fatigue, it is often desirable to use fasteners that expand uniformly within the hole, putting it into compression.

Split fastener carries triple load

There is a move in manufacturing towards using aluminium section kit systems to construct big gantry handling systems and large rigs for aerospace construction applications.

Floating boss eases assembly

Problem: When bolting a large component to an assembly, it is very unlikely that all the bolt holes are going to be in exactly the right alignment.