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Stop the war on plastic

Plastic has a bad reputation. In today’s throwaway society, it is often viewed as the ultimate disposable material, cast aside as either landfill or litter without any thought as to the environmental ...

Solar Impulse flies into a greener future

There are few genuine visionaries in the engineering world that are really striving to change the world. Ask most people and Elon Musk probably features pretty high up the list developing driverless ...

Valves provide vital link

As cycling continues to gain popularity, cyclists are demanding more from their bikes. Every component comes under scrutiny when looking to engineer a better bike – and the chain is no different.

Built for battle - Robot Wars' revamped House Robots

The return of Robot Wars to our screens this summer had completely re-engineered house robots, which were needed to keep up with the competition. Justin Cunningham finds out how the technology has ...