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Life-saving plastics

Tom Shelley reports on developments in plastics for the medical device market

Stopping all danger

Tom Shelley reports on some of the materials and technologies involved in producing armour

DirectSkinning technology

DirectSkinning technology is a new production process designed to improve cost efficiency in the production of injection moulded parts. It has now been used for the first time with an aliphatic ...

Reducing friction and wear

Tribology is an often overlooked subject area and new technologies in the area can often be over looked due to their complex and 'difficult to get right' nature.

Nanofibres spun out in bulk

Czech based manufacturer Elmarco is supplying machines that can mass produce nanoscale plastic fibres.

New shape helps to resist pressure

By forming special shaped grooves into tubes, it is possible to make lightweight pipes that can withstand immense external pressures.

Nanotechnology leaves the labs

Can aluminium loaded with nanotubes offer a genuine alternative to advanced alloys and carbon composites? Justin Cunningham reports

Composites proved for submarine hulls

Pressure testing of an experimental composite submarine hull at the University of Portsmouth has validated finite element analysis (FEA) models it had created

Nature shapes superior surfaces

Advanced engineering coatings that are harder, more non stick and work at higher temperatures are being developed as an alternative to PTFE. These low cost coatings are also unable to get wet, can ...

DSEi 2009 preview

Over 1350 exhibitors from across the globe will be showcasing the latest innovations at this year's Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) running from September 8 to 11

Nanoplastic goes commercial

A electrically conductive plastic, that incorporates nanotubes, is being used commercially for the first time by Bosch

Compound developments

Recent progress in plastic material has seen a number of new compounds enter the market that give designers superior properties

Active tilting set to roll out

The tandem two seater urban car that aims to ease congestion and have low emissions for the inner city. Justin Cunningham investigates

Magnetic fields generate volts

Tom Shelley reports on a new family of sensors and transducers coming to market that are based on advanced materials