Novel sensor is capable of detecting human presence without movement

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Will it works in night times and also tell me the range of this novel sensor

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There is no shortage of sensing technologies capable of detecting human movement.

Indeed, simple passive infra red detectors achieve this very successfully and are a common feature in many households. However, detectinh human presence in an area without movement is not so simple.
However, this is what is by Omron's D6T non-contact MEMS thermal sensor, a super-sensitive infrared temperature sensor that makes full use of Omron's proprietary MEMS sensing technology.

Unlike typical pyroelectric human presence sensors that rely on motion detection, the D6T thermal sensor is able to detect the presence of stationary humans by detecting body heat, and can therefore be used to switch off unnecessary lighting, air conditioning, etc automatically when people are not present (regardless of whether they move or not). As the D6T sensors are also able to monitor the temperature of a room, they can also be used to maintain optimal room temperature levels, instantly sense unusual changes in temperature, thereby detecting factory line stoppages, or discover areas of overheating for early prevention of fire outbreaks, etc.

Thermal sensors utilise the Seebeck effect in which thermoelectric force is generated due to the temperature difference at the contact points between two different kinds of metal. A thermopile is created by serially connecting thermocouples consisting of N+ poly Si , P+ poly Si, and Al. By creating hot junctions on highly heat-resistant dielectric membranes, and cold junctions on highly heat-conductive silicon, it is possible to achieve high-speed response and high-energy conversion efficiency (infrared rays, temperature, thermoelectric force).

D6Ts are created entirely from Omron's proprietary MEMS, ASIC, and other application-specific parts to ensure high sensitivity. They offer a particularly high signal-to-noise ratio, with a Noise-Equivalent Temperature Difference of 0.14 degrees Celsius.In addition, their low visual field crosstalk characteristics enable high-precision area temperature detection.

While standard thermal sensors are only able to measure temperature at one certain contact point, the D6T can measure the temperature of an entire area contactlessly. Signals generated by infrared rays are usually extremely weak, and high-sensitivity detection is therefore very difficult to achieve. However, Omron has developed and manufactured in-house every part of the new thermal sensor, from the MEMS sensors to ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) and other application-specific parts, specifically with the aim of ensuring that the D6T is capable of highly sensitive detection.

The technology behind the D6T thermal sensors combines a MEMS micro-mirror structure for efficient IR radiation detection with a high-performance silicon lens to focus the infrared rays onto its thermopiles. Proprietary application-specific integrated circuits then make the necessary computations and convert sensor signals into digital I2C outputs. All components were developed in-house and are fabricated in Omron's own MEMS facilities. The result is high ±1.5°C accuracy with excellent noise immunity (measured as noise equivalent temperature difference) of 140mK.

In terms of applications, there is no shortage of possibilities. These range from aiding in the creation and development of new advanced energy-saving household appliances, through the enhancement of home and building energy management systems to a wide variety of factory automation applications. It could also be used in healthcare applications to see if a patient has left the bed.

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Hello. I am curious as to how this tech can be used in telescopic fashion. Meaning how can this be appliedbto exsisting or soon to be onboard tech that is detecting atmospheric and chemical makeups of planets outside of our solar system. There is an extreme amount of new sensing tech that is soon to be performing complex sensing of gases and perhaps compounds in an atmosphere light years away, but to detect an idividual life fource of the surface or in water or in the air of a planet through sensing would be revolutionary. How can this be done?
I want low range sensing of 1 meter Or below 1meter range sensing human counting or detect sensor
I want to use it in a project. So, from where I can buy it. and what will be its cost.
His sir I am looking only human body detector
Pls any help me pls call + 917678065044
How can I buy it? Please give me the details
Hi I am looking for a sensor that can detect human presence (moving and stationary) within an air-conditioned environment.
What is the temperature range that the sensor works on? Please contact me, thanks. - From Singapore
I am planning to make such a device that can detect human activities and dislays humans day to day activities in the form of an abstract drawing, where each figure or line in the drawing would correspond to an action performed by humans. So is it possible to comstruct such a device and if yes than can you suggest me how to proceed.
Is this device available in Dar es salaam in Tanzania? Where can I get it?
can u please give me the range of the novel sensor
Will it works in night times and also tell me the range of this novel sensor
Please i want to know the range of this sensor and also know whether it can produce different signal levels, as the number of people increases?
I am looking for a source, or design, of a sensor that can first detect a human has entered a room and is mobile. Can also detect that the human has fallen down. Can also detect that the human is sitting still and has gone to sleep. Can also detect that the human is sitting still but is ill and needs help. They may be different devices but for this commercial project they would all be re-designed to fit into one shell casing. A further requirement, though perhaps outside this blog, is how to power the devices for long periods. The elderly and disabled are not renowned for being able to constantly change batteries. Units that plug directly into household mains power sockets has been suggested, but such sockets are often just above floor level and, as such, would be obstructed by furniture and clutter. I am in the UK
please give information , give support to my project
sir what is the range of this sensor .
Can I use this to differentiate a metallic hot job and operator's hand
I'm a student who is planing to do a project where fireman or police man use a thermal sensor in buildings to detect if any life force is still within the building. If the sensor detects human life source from a computer within a cop car or fire truck it will trigger a AI system to inform the person how far away the victim is, but my one questions is how far will the sensor detect human heat? Would it be 20-30 feet or 80-90 feet.
We just have developped a human presence detector that works with human bio-energy. It is sensing only human presence, not movement, not heat, not co2, but human bio-electricity. At this stage it is applicable as a switch or even a security device. To turn on lights, doors or basically anything. By using a conductor, whole window frames can be turned into an intruder detector. Thermal reaction free electric and thermal emission free. Works behind any material and consumes virtualy no measurable electricity. Works on all currents and standards.
in an area which is air conditioned, could the sensor still detect human presence? i would like to know if there is a module that has this sensor so i could interface it with a microcontroller
Can this be used to detect presence of an human in a robotic welding cell, as we know welding generates lot of heat and emits infra red radiations, so the question is can this differentiate heat from a hot metal and an human body
while sensing will it sense only human temperature or other animals temperature also?
while sensing will it sense only human temperature or other animals temperature also?
can you please give me the range of this sensor
Sir plz say me which sensor could sense many persons entering into a room simultaneously
Is there any sensor that can capture the following :
1. Retina
2. Finger prints
3. DNA
i want to know about that novel sensor detects the human is sleeping otherwise human do the action like study,play,talk,etc...or which sensor is used to detect the human action like sleep,study,talk,etc...
while sensing will it sense only human temperature or other animals temperature also?
sir i want to use a human body thermal detector and apply it to our hexapod thesis, is d6T applicable and this application? and how can i buy it?

hey i want to know that novel sensor detects only human body or other bodies(animal)..??

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