Power Systems

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Riding the waves in the wild west

Not many companies admit that they are cowboys in a wild-west industry. But, as Dr Will Bateman admitted, that is where his company Ccell finds itself. It does not mean that the wave energy sector ...

Rolls-Royce commits to geared turbofan

The gas turbine has been the staple combustion engine for large aircraft since the 1950s. That's unlikely to change any time soon, however, advances in materials have enabled step change improvements ...

Supercharger designed to avoid turbo lag

Adding forced induction to downsized engines is acknowledged to be one of the most effective ways of reducing CO2 emissions and as a result, the automotive industry is rushing to downsize.

Sponsored story: Building a winning strategy

Nick Wright, Vice President Business Development & Marketing Europe, Middle East and Africa, looks at how Parker's Winovation strategy underpins success and provides the foundation for long-term ...

Electric vehicles shift gear

Changes to the transmission systems of electric vehicles could have a significant impact on the commercial viability of electric vehicles, as Eureka discovers

Innovation thrives in the face of cuts

The UK defence industry is one of the most successful in the world, but faces threats in the shape of government spending cuts. However, as Eureka discovers, there is no shortage of novel designs.