Rapid Prototyping/RPD

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Rapid motor maker

Theoretically, a customer could design - or at least customise - and order a car, and then come and pick up the completed, built from scratch vehicle 12 hours later. It sounds impossible, but Local ...

Manufacturing technological transformation in 2017

We are in the middle of a technological revolution that is transforming how goods are manufactured. And this transformation is not just felt on the factory floor. Customers are demanding an ...

The Additive Manufacturing Design Guide

Part of the allure of 3D printing is that you can make anything you want. Adding complexity doesn't pose a production problem so your imagination can run wild. The only problem is, that’s not ...

Built for battle - Robot Wars' revamped House Robots

The return of Robot Wars to our screens this summer had completely re-engineered house robots, which were needed to keep up with the competition. Justin Cunningham finds out how the technology has ...

Optimised starting position

Design optimisation has been adopted by the automotive industry in its quest to lightweight. But now, as Tim Fryer reports, the technology is finding wider appeal.

Simplifying 3D print simulation

For technology to be useful, it must be accessible. An example is a metal 3D printing process that, thanks to simulation, may find many more applications. Tim Fryer found out more.

Tools of the trade: Choosing a 3D printer

With so many 3D printers on the market, just what are some of the considerations when looking to purchase one? And what value is it going to add to your business? Justin Cunningham finds out.

Making it ‘unique’

As consumers ask for increasing personalisation in products, design engineers from traditionally standardised high volume industries are turning to 3D printing to offer some solutions. Justin ...

True colours

Getting colour into a 3D printed part is not easy. Ground has been broken, claim Stratasys and Adobe, who have partnered to find a solution.

Making the most of AM

A new Cambridge University-led project is aiming to shake up the world of additive manufacturing (AM) by developing an innovative set of design rules to guide process selection and design ...

Something to smile about

There is no toilet humour in Madagascar’s sanitation problems. But, as Tim Fryer reports, a British design team have given the locals something to smile about.

Less is more in aerospace

Adoption of additive manufacturing is on the rise. Chris Jones outlines why it could find a natural home in the aerospace and defence sector, not just as it fits the low volume high value profile, ...

Multi-coloured paper maker

Additive manufacturing technologies, while still evolving rapidly, do not always tick all of the boxes. A part needs to be produced in timely fashion, at the right price point, able to fulfil ...

Injection moulded 3D printer

In a departure from existing additive manufacturing techniques, Arburg – a company associated with injection moulding equipment – has introduced a new additive manufacturing platform, Freeformer.

Additive manufacturing – building better products

From the step change experienced during the mechanisation the 1700s and the total transformation that took place during the 20th Century, our manufacturing sector is undergoing what many are citing ...

Taking a fast turn

Lee Ball highlights new opportunities for designers and engineers when outsourcing the rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of components with cylindrical features.

Just what the doctor ordered!

Additive manufacturing has been identified by many as a game changing technology. But while it does clearly have limitations, there are those who are experimenting with the possibilities - and in the ...

Sports car in reverse

Majenta PLM has partnered with Physical Digital, a 3D scanning and reverse engineering company, to transform the design and manufacturing processes of DAX Sports Cars.

Time to bring 3D printing in-house?

The buzz around 3D printing continues unabated. So is it now at the stage when that sweet spot between price and capability has been reached, and no self-respecting design team should be without one?

Where ideas are turned into reality

Fab Labs restore faith in the creativity of people. As an organisation that can encourage, inspire and develop both people and their ideas, Fab Labs play an interesting catalytic role. But to what ...