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Top ten design tips for moulded plastic components

With the advent of rapid prototyping services being able to create components within a couple of days, a lot of the risk, delays and up-front costs incurred during the critical stages of a product's ...

Rapid route to the race track

3D printing is not just for prototyping. Lamborghini is also using it to rapidly create track-ready parts, as they explained to Eureka.

Raising the BAR

If you have the best sailor in the Olympic history, sailing the best boat available, then the long wait for a British victory in the America's Cup will be over. Easier said than done of course

The quiet revolution

The 3D printer has emerged as the saviour for all those experiencing prototyping problems – right? Not necessarily according to John Tumelty, who argues that other options are sometimes better suited.

How AM is changing the nature of product innovation

That additive manufacturing technologies are radically altering the ways in which products are designed and developed should perhaps not be seen as entirely surprising. However, not only are the ways ...

3D printing: Beyond the hype

Additive manufacturing is one if those technologies that gets engineers excited. The ability to print out different concepts somehow puts a smile of the face of most. Perhaps it makes the 3D CAD and ...

DDM gains momentum in the defence industry

Based at Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas, the Trainer Development Flight (TDF) is a facility that designs, develops, and manufactures trainers and training aids for the US Air Force and ...

Autodesk joins the 3D printing revolution

It isn't often these days that the launch of a new 3D printer captures the imagination. However, when the originator of the machine is one of the world's leading engineering CAD companies, then ...

FDM-printed UAV takes flight

The recent increase in the use of both additive layer manufacturing and UAVs has led to the availability of a number of 3D printed UAVs for a range of applications. Small wingspan, fixed wing ...

Carbon fibre joins the 3D printing revolution

For many years now, the words 'carbon fibre' have virtually been a shorthand for cutting edge material usage, quality, strength and light weight. These properties have meant that carbon fibre ...

3D printing: Beyond the hype

At the recent Engineering Design Show Conference, a panel session looked at the realities behind the hype of 3D Printing. Paul Fanning reports.

3D printing gives the cutting edge

A Japanese University is using 3D printing as part of its advanced research and development programme for sports science and Olympic training.

Additive manufacturing races ahead

Having been employed by additive manufacturing specialist 3T RPD since 2000, Martyn Harris had a certain advantage when he started his new business, RaceWare Direct, to manufacture bespoke plastic ...

3D printed microbatteries enable miniature devices

The microbatteries could supply electricity to tiny devices in fields from medicine to communications, including many that have lingered on lab benches for lack of a battery small enough to fit the ...

Tool chain speeds software development

Software development costs could be significantly reduced by using a new rapid prototyping tool chain from transmission control specialist Vocis.