Rapid Prototyping/RPD

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Making the difference

From lightweighting and strengthening a VW bus to putting a paraplegic mountain biking champion back in the saddle, generative design is seeing significant real-world applications.

Critical mass

The holy grail of 3D printing is for it to become a viable mass-production technology. Could a new technological leap make that possible?

Getting to grips with bionic costs

Recent advances in robotic prosthetic hands have been little short of extraordinary, but have remained out of the price range of many who need them. However, a number of engineers and start-ups are ...

5 signs that you still need to prototype

For a business, deciding to commit to creating a physical prototype can be a difficult task. Here Ogle Models outlines the key points that mean you probably do need to invest in a prototype for your ...

Global potential

The aerospace industry is keen to embrace additive technologies to minimise the ‘fly-to-buy’ of its more exotic and expensive metals. Here, Andrew Williams finds out how a collaboration between the ...