Sensors, Test & Measurement

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Riding the future

A UK company has launched one of the more controversial products of recent times in a hope to bring best practice to an emerging market. Justin Cunningham finds out more about the engineering effort ...

Accelerating train design

It may not be fastest vehicle on rails but Train Zero is speeding up Bombardier’s development of the next generation of rolling stock, as it readies itself for the opening of Crossrail. Tim Fryer ...

Understanding the thermal issue

Temperature is a key measurement parameter in controlling the quality of glass or glass products. Conventional thermal imagers with spectral wavelengths of 8-14µm do not measure accurately the ...

Hot picks!

If you are designing plant, process or product that requires knowledge of temperature, there may be more than one solution.

Taken for a ride

The sensors and systems getting integrated in to cars are getting smarter, and the reality of autonomous cars is getting closer. Justin Cunningham looks at some of the technologies acting as a ...

Sensors star in industry's generation game

Whether IoT or Industry 4.0, there are a few technological hurdles to jump before it becomes reality. But there are enabling technologies – notably EtherCAT and intelligent sensors – that are already ...

WMG invests in low carbon mobility research

Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick has invested in an LDS V8 combo shaker, to support its government-funded research into low carbon mobility.

Sensor intelligence comes of age

Developments in intelligent sensor technology and its ability to integrate with an automation network are resulting in innovative new functions that have a positive impact on a system or machine's ...

Raising the BAR

If you have the best sailor in the Olympic history, sailing the best boat available, then the long wait for a British victory in the America's Cup will be over. Easier said than done of course

Can engineers take the weight of big data?

With such hype behind the Internet of Things is all this information going to be useful or will it become a hindrance to the engineer and a distraction in finding real innovation? Is Big Data in ...

Embedding sensors for clever composites

In applications like wind turbines, tidal blades, aeroplane wings, ship propellers and hulls, it would be beneficial to have a self-sustaining, fully embedded monitoring system in order to ensure the ...

Tools for successful bearing application

Measurement is a key ingredient to successful bearing application and anything that ensures the correct angles and alignment will have a positive impact on the end result.

Ship builders sight automated inspection

A non-contact laser profile displacement sensor is playing a pivotal role in the development of an automatic inspection system to assess the surface and weld quality of ships structures.