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Grease monitoring lengthens bearing life

Bearing life is often dependent on the condition of its lubricating grease. Paul Fanning looks at a sensor that allows it to be monitored during operation.

Bonds verified in moments

Tom Shelley reports on a new technology for confirming the quality of adhesive bonds, particularly appropriate for the medical sector.

Seeing what you need to see

Tom Shelley looks at military vision aids to situational awareness that also have uses in the civilian sector.

Sensors from space

Tom Shelley reports on some very useful, down-to-earth technologies that have come to us from space.

Engineering tomorrow

Tom Shelley looks at developments in the last 30 years and makes some predictions about the next 30.

Liquid level sensor finds its niche

Paul Fanning reports on a liquid level sensor with a variety of potential applications that has been adopted by a major supermarket.

Going the distance

Developments in printed coil technology and new materials have resulted in the development of a new high-performance, low-cost sensor.

Shows focus on the future

With seven shows covering all facets of the subject, Advanced Manufacturing 2010 (co-located with Medtec 2010) has a lot to offer.

Capacitative scanning saves cost in 3D

Tom Shelley reports on how capacitative sensing can be used to produce volumetric scans in 3D, and detect and count humans behind a wall or 30m away

Control at the frontier

Tom Shelley reports on how software is assisting the solution of some particularly challenging aerospace control problems