The Eureka circulation is fully ABC audited every year and is taken from MA Business's Mastersource database. This database has universal coverage of all manufacturing and design sites within the UK and is continuously updated by our specialist data research team.

ABC terms of control:

"Eureka is a magazine for engineering designers who directly control or influence the design and specification function for engineering materials and components in specified manufacturing and non manufacturing concerns." – ABC

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With its quality content and database of highly relevant potential customers, Eureka is THE publication for design engineers and the companies trying to reach them.

Circulation summary
Universe of design sites 12,107
Universe of designers 80,645
Eureka sites 10,985
*Eureka copies 16,400
*ABC average net circulation Jan to Dec 2014 16,968
Analysis by job function
General Management 8,175
Design Management 12,556
Product Design 12,383
Product & Plant Design 4,303
Research & Development 7,422
Engineering Analysis/Drafting 5,586
Purchasing 2,106

Note - an individual may have multiple job functions
(ABC Certified Jan - Dec 2014)

Analysis by industry/sector
Description Universe of Design Sites Universe of Designers Eureka Sites Eureka Copies
OEM 8,739 48,833 8,033 11,515
Non OEM 509 2,267 461 601
Non Manufacturing 2,859 29,545 2,491 4,284
Total 12,107 80,645 10,985 16,400*

*ABC Certified Jan - Dec 2014