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Powerful laser could boost car manufacturing

With the ability to cut and shape ultra-high-strength boron steel up to one thousand times faster than existing technology, a new precision pulse laser looks set to boost the car industry with a 10% ...

UK Autodrive findings released

In December 2014 UK Autodrive was named as the largest of three successful consortia to be selected in response to Innovate UK’s ‘Introducing driverless cars to UK roads’ competition. In late 2018 ...

‘Revolutionary’ 3D digital display technology

Vision Engineering has unveiled what it calls a revolutionary digital 3D stereoscopic display technology. Unlike traditional mono digital microscopes, Vision Engineering’s Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) ...

Are you ready for the GPS rollover?

At 1am BST on 7 April 2019 (midnight 6 April UTC) the Global Positioning System (GPS) method for counting time will reach its maximum limit and will reset, or rollover, potentially affecting the ...

Low Force Stereolithography printers

Formlabs has today announced the addition of two advanced professional Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) 3D printers to its hardware line-up: Form 3 and Form 3L.

Exclusive: Transforming industrial-grade 3D printing

Stratasys has released the F120 3D printer, the latest in its F123 Series of FDM printers, which is claimed to deliver reliable, accurate, complex and functional parts up to three times faster than ...

First desktop robot for industrial use

Automata, a London-based robotics company, today announced the launch of Eva – the first-ever desktop robot for industrial use, following £5.3m in funding.

Additively manufactured spinal implants

A collaboration between advanced technology and engineering companies has demonstrated the advantages of additive manufacturing (AM) in the production of spinal implants.

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