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Simple device prevents fuel clogs

A major problem for military vehicles, or for civilian vehicles in the more remote parts of the world is fuel contamination

Reinventing the wheel

A graduate student from the Royal College of Art has invented and applied for a patent on a collapsible bicycle wheel.

Electric drone observes at low cost

A tiny German-made electric helicopter with four rotors is being used with considerable cost saving benefits for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance

Plastics designs win prizes for safety and security

A plastic bag hook to discourage handbag theft and a warning sign that heightens awareness without risking the lives of motorists to place it won first and second prizes at this year’s Design ...

Bearing the brunt

New developments are extending the lives of bearings working under particularly severe conditions

Wireless healthcare wins a prize

Professor Chris Toumazou, founder of the company whose technology was revealed in the Eureka April 2007 cover feature article, received the Silver Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering at their ...

CVTs to aid ‘greener’ motorsport

Toroidal traction drive specialist Torotrak and vehicle transmission design and manufacturing company Xtrac announced on June 5th 2007 that they have entered into a licence agreement to enable Xtrac ...

Knowledge transfer pros get their own voice

The newly launched Institute of Knowledge Transfer is to offer professional accreditation, help with structured career progression and provide opportunities for continuing professional development ...

Medical innovation to be advanced by special event

The Medical Innovation Forum to take place on June 13th 2007 at the Olympia Conference Centre in London will provide a unique opportunity to network with people with new technologies suitable for ...

Revolutionary car may go to China

Hard on the heels of the discovery that the striking car used on the cover of “Moving forward: new directions in vehicle design” was not imaginary, but a real car, came the news that it is likely to ...

Rethinking vehicles for the future

Packed full of striking images, “Moving forward, new directions in transport design” is a must read for anyone interested in the future of transport

Virtual turntables speed PLM

Dassault is bringing out a light weight PLM browser that allows users to query designs and potential problems through a series of interactive virtual 3D turntables

Editor's Choice

Better than a hologram

In the original Star Wars film, R2D2 projects an image of Princess Leia in distress. ...

Ocado’s cobots

Ocado Technology has unveiled the first prototype of its ARMAR-6 humanoid ...