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Micro wind energy becomes serious business

More than 4000 Windsave 1kW wind turbines have been sold since the product was launched by B&Q on October 6th 2006, according to Nigel Evenett, managing director of Lafert Electric Motors, which was ...

Materials advances key to fast success

Steps forward in materials technology are some of the most striking advances to be seen at the Autosport International show now on at the Birmingham NEC.

Good news for graduates in engineering

Graduates in engineering – particularly those specialising in mechanical engineering – can expect to find jobs in which they will practice the skills they have learned.

Underwater wireless wins prize for defence

The underwater radio communication system revealed in the November 2005 edition of Eureka and announced as a product in September 2006, has been declared Overall Winner 2006 at the Defence Technology ...

Compact cycle pump scoops big prize

Julian Peck’s ‘Cyclaire’ pull-cord cycle pump – which featured in the March 2006 edition of Eureka – has just been been crowned winner of the Sky TV Vodafone “The Big Idea” competition

Light weight battery being proven in motorsport

A new lithium ion starter battery weighs only 2.5kg and is being used by the German Red Motorsport team in a Lotus. Conventional starter batteries for this type of application typically weigh from ...

US car design still focussing on gas guzzlers

According to the latest Car Design Yearbook 5, US majors are still designing large gas guzzlers both as production cars and concepts while most of the truly innovative concepts are coming from Japan.

Autonomous boat defies the waves

A boat whose bulk is underwater – with only a narrow element jutting above surface – is largely unaffected by the swell of the sea.

Chain doubles its lifespan

The seventh generation of Tsubaki’s RS roller chain has twice the wear life of its predecessor, thanks to a new bushing system.

Government Technology Board to go independent

The Technology Strategy Board, which is to take over funding of the Government’s £178 million Technology Programme next year, is to go independent of the DTI and have its main office in Swindon

R&D reaps rewards

The 16th annual edition of the DTI’s R&D scoreboard shows some of the benefits to be obtained by investing in R&D

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