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CAD software looks to the future

CAD software of the future will feature automated green product development advice and ‘haptic’ interfaces – and combine biotechnical and mechanical design

Cuts go deep into R&D and collaboration

The closure of DTI GlobalWatch from the end of March 2007 and clawing back of £29 million from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council are both symptomatic of desperate attempts to cut ...

Ultimate police vehicle has lots of muscle

A short distance from the display of the high efficiency, sustainable vehicles at this year’s SolidWorks World event in New Orleans was the GPV “Colonel” 8x8x8 police vehicle.

World students develop sustainable cars

A world-wide collaboration between engineering students to develop sustainable prototypes has already resulted in four pre-prototypes, one inspired by the Sinclair C5, with plans to take one design ...

Learning about innovation

This year’s Innovation Conference 2007 will help delegates implement their own strategies for the future

Siemens pays $3.5bn for UGS

Siemens CEO Klaus Kleinfeld says his company's acquisition of UGS gives it an 'end to end' portfolio in software and hardware

Biggest wheel poses new challenges

Larger than anything similar contemplated before, the planned Beijing wheel is setting new challenges both in terms of setting it up and getting passengers in and out of its capsules without causing ...

New directive on electromagnetic emissions

Yet another European Union directive from Brussels is poised to impact. For those who might not be aware of it, this one seeks to limit human exposure to electromagnetic fields and is set to come ...

Micro wind energy becomes serious business

More than 4000 Windsave 1kW wind turbines have been sold since the product was launched by B&Q on October 6th 2006, according to Nigel Evenett, managing director of Lafert Electric Motors, which was ...

Materials advances key to fast success

Steps forward in materials technology are some of the most striking advances to be seen at the Autosport International show now on at the Birmingham NEC.

Good news for graduates in engineering

Graduates in engineering – particularly those specialising in mechanical engineering – can expect to find jobs in which they will practice the skills they have learned.

Underwater wireless wins prize for defence

The underwater radio communication system revealed in the November 2005 edition of Eureka and announced as a product in September 2006, has been declared Overall Winner 2006 at the Defence Technology ...

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