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Being 'green' could earn you up to £40K

The Shell Springboard programme aims to provide up to six awards of between £20,000 to £40,000 in each of three UK regions to boost innovative, low carbon business ideas

Diesel speed record smashed for Britain

On August 23rd, the JCB Dieselmax established a new diesel powered land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats, breaking the previous record that it had established only the previous day.

Ultrasonics keep trains on the rails

Researchers have developed a new technique they said is better able than currently used technology to find defects in steel railroad tracks

Smaller way of welding aluminium

Researchers at TWI have developed a way of joining thin aluminium alloy sheet, by modifying the friction stir welding process

Materials students dip by a quarter

The numbers of undergraduates on materials and engineering courses have slumped dramatically over the last 10 years, says a researcher from Sheffield Hallam University.

Engineers lay foundation for vertical nanotubes

Engineers at Purdue University in Indiana have developed a technique to grow individual carbon nanotubes vertically on top of a silicon wafer, a step toward making advanced electronics, wireless ...

JCB Dieselmax powers through 200mph

The JCB diesel record attempt car described in the June 2006 edition of Eureka has exceeded 200mph on tests, close to the current 235.756mph world record

Unpowered sensing wins a prize

A novel sensing system for large machines and distributed plant systems, including heating systems in hospitals, receives recognition

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