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Automation made easy with modular motion concept

igus’ robolink Apiro is a modular motion system which enables design engineers to develop low-cost automation systems. Consisting of three lubrication-free worm gears for standard movement, inverted ...

Material shifts shape using heat and light

A material developed by engineers at the University of Colorado Boulder can transform into complex, pre-programmed shapes via light and temperature stimuli before reverting to its original form.

This tablet’s flexible screen rolls up like a scroll

A research team from Queen’s University in Canada has unveiled the ‘MagicScroll’ – a tablet with a 7.5-inch 2K resolution flexible touch screen that can be rolled into a tube, like a scroll, to allow ...

3D printed bionic eyes could restore sight

Researchers from the University of Minnesota have 3D printed an array of light receptors on a hemispherical surface for the first time, an advance that they say could eventually lead to a ‘bionic ...

Dyson to expand UK site for electric car testing

Dyson has unveiled plans for a 10-mile test track at its Wiltshire facility where its “radical” electric cars, planned to be brought to market from 2021, will be put through their paces.

Sketching in 3D with air scaffolding

A team of researchers from KAIST have developed a mid-air 3D sketching tool, combining the strengths of gesture and pen input. They say the technique will ease the way for ideation in three ...

Student-built Hyperloop pod smashes speed record

A group of students from the Technical University of Munich taking part in the third SpaceX run Hyperloop Pod Competition have set a new speed record. The WARR Hyperloop team's pod hit 290mph on the ...

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