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Low-cost 3D Printed robotic prosthetic limb

A team of students from The University of Manchester has designed and built a 3D printed, low-cost robotic prosthetic hand that could provide a cheaper alternative for amputees.

Military method slashes titanium production by 50%

Scientists at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s (Dstl) Porton Down military research base have reduced the 40-stage titanium production process down to just two, which could cut costs ...

The search for clean, abundant energy

Oxford-based energy generation and inertial confinement fusion research organisation, First Light Fusion is investing £3.6 million to build a pulsed power machine to advance the company’s work ...

The rocket thruster that uses air as fuel

The European Space Agency (ESA) has developed and fired a rocket thruster that uses air instead of liquid propellant – and it could change how satellites fly in the lowest orbits around Earth.

Virtual testing of parts could replace physical tests

Virtual testing of newly manufactured components, using 3D X-ray imaging, could be on the horizon, thanks to research led by Swansea University, which has just been awarded £1 million in funding from ...

Science meets conservation on Mary Rose cannonballs

In a ground-breaking partnership between The Mary Rose, UCL and Diamond Light Source, the head of conservation at The Mary Rose, Dr Eleanor Schofield and her colleagues are working at the cutting ...

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