Easily-accessible information on the latest commercially-available technology that can help the design engineer do his or her job more efficiently.

Precision gears from Ondrives

A new range of power transmission parts, including precision gears, timing pulleys and belts along with sprockets and chains.

RP Support partners with ALM

This new partnership will provide RP Support access to the complete range of ALM Laser Sintering powders for sole distribution into UK and Ireland and general sale into other European markets.

Proto Labs offers design tool

The Protomold Torus is a new educational tool, providing designers and engineers with a handy and instant reference to the most commonly used features in injection-moulding.

DMLS gains importance

Increased interest in and use of the technology in a range of industrial and consumer applications...

3T leads the way

Leading the way in the supply of metal parts using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)...

Careful and efficient cleaning

New ultrasonic system allows the realisation of highly efficient, top-quality cleaning systems which are tailored to suit requirements and offer a high level of process safety.