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Schneider launches new drives and controls

Schneider Electric's new Lexium 32 range of three servo drives and two servo motor types is a simplified drive range that comes in a compact book style, offering maximum efficiency in a reduced space.

Brushless dc gearmotor with WX gearhead

Bodine Electric Company has introduced its new WX gearhead in conjunction with its upgraded 34B-frame brushless dc motor. According to Bodine, the WX is a new high-torque gearhead built to provide ...

Compact motion control

Global energy management specialist Schneider Electric says it has improved and simplified its motion control range with the launch of its Lexium 32 range of three servo drives and two servo motor ...

Reverse engineering software

According to INUS Technology, Rapidform XOR is the only software that combines 3d scan data processing and parametric solid modeling to give users the ability to create intelligent CAD models from ...

Thin and Ultra-thin Films and Foils

Goodfellow offers hundreds of polymer films and more than a thousand metal foils in small quantities for research applications and prototype development across dozens of industries.

Pass through seals For Trocars

Material selection and coatings are two important factors to consider in dealing with friction when designing pass-through seals for endoscopic trocars. According to Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, ...

New cleaning version of melamine resin foam

BASF has developed a new cleaning version of its melamine resin foam Basotect. The new grade is called Basotect W. and, according to BASG, it cleans even more efficiently and is whiter than the ...

Carbon fibre filled resin

Weight reduction for both fuel and systems cost savings remains a long-haul strategy for the airline industry, and has opened up another major development opportunity for SABIC Innovative Plastics ...

Fasteners for thin metal or pc board assemblies

The expanded range of patented PEM R'ANGLE fasteners is said to provide efficient and reliable methods to create permanent right-angle attachment points in thin metal assemblies or printed circuit ...

Uniflex Advanced series expanded

The Uniflex Advanced series – the plastic cable carrier from KabelSchlepp – has been expanded to include a new version which the company describes as 'especially robust'.

Early warning of gear damage

A combined oil and vibration monitoring system is now available in the UK. The system enables the early detection of damage to heavy duty, oil-lubricated industrial gears, providing plant operators ...

Aerotech's nano Motion Technology range expands

Following closely behind the recent launch of single-axis and dual X-Y axis ANT series linear nanopositioning stages as a part of Aerotech's nano Motion Technology (nMT) range, two new rotary and two ...

Displacement sensors deliver precision measurement

Sensor and sensing systems manufacturer, Sick UK, has launched a new series of displacement sensors which it says deliver precise high speed laser measurement of position, height and thickness.

Innovative plastics create sustainable insulation

Through co-development efforts with SABIC Innovative Plastics, Japan's Nissei Eco Company Ltd. has created a unique solution to significantly reduce the environmental impact of wire harness ...

High-efficiency motors exceed standards

WEG's new NEMA W22 range of high and premium efficiency three-phase electric motors offer the highest levels of energy efficient performance, reducing losses by between 10% and 40% when compared with ...

Angle sensors enhance submersible

When optimising the design of its new ASV 6000 coastal class semi-submersible vehicle, ASV selected Novotechnik GL series hollow shaft potentiometric angle sensors from Variohm EuroSensor to provide ...

One-board control solution available

Delta Tau has developed the new Turbo PMAC Clipper four-axis controller which has a one board control solution with I/O and Ethernet, plus Turbo PC/104 with Acc-2P and now comes with a 30% cost ...

Onboard verification offers greater precision

ABB's electromagnetic WaterMaster flowmeter has now been integrated with what the company claims is the world's first easily accessible and in-situ flowmeter verification capability.

Integrated motion control

Motion Analyzer is an established Rockwell Automation software tool which is an integral part of the Allen-Bradley mechatronic solutions portfolio.

Digital servo inclinometers

Sherborne Sensors has announced the global market debut of the DSIC series, a range of robust, high precision single and dual axis digital servo inclinometers.

New speed sensor fits tight spaces

Lenord + Bauer has launched a new space-saving, two-channel speed sensor, with pulse amplifier, suitable for use in harsh environments and on applications where space is limited.