Easily-accessible information on the latest commercially-available technology that can help the design engineer do his or her job more efficiently.

New speed sensor fits tight spaces

Lenord + Bauer has launched a new space-saving, two-channel speed sensor, with pulse amplifier, suitable for use in harsh environments and on applications where space is limited.

New 'ZBuilder Ultra' rapid prototype machine

Z Corporation has introduced a rapid prototyping machine which it claims can build high-end functional prototypes at one third of the price of machines with comparable performance.

Linear servo accelerometers

Sherborne Sensors has announced the A323 'L' series, a range of highly rugged, ultra-low range gravity referenced linear servo accelerometers with 4-20mA (closed loop) output. The accelerometers are ...

Self locking latch range

Protex Fasteners says that ease-of-use, versatility and security are the key features of its 75 series over-centre latches - the latest additions to the company's medium duty latch range.

Contactless sensor gives rotary measurement

Penny + Giles has introduced the SRH220DR, a new dual redundant output contactless rotary position sensor. The SRH220DR uses proven, non-contact programmable Hall-effect technology to provide OEMs ...

New drive handles small components

With the introduction of a new addition to the SBD Sealed Belt Drive, HepcoMotion is now able to provide performance advantages at an attractive cost to a wider range of automation systems.

Vacuum generator module saves air

Festo has launched a vacuum generator module equipped with a host of built-in energy-saving and condition monitoring functions.

Sensor gives precise measurement of tensile forces

Kistler's Type 9217A sensor uses an ultra-sensitive PiezoStar element to provide precise measurement of compression and tensile forces under the toughest industrial conditions in production process ...

Filter improves safety and performance

Parker Hannifin has developed an innovative duplex filter system designed to improve both safety and filtration performance in a wide range of industrial applications.

Lenze ready for IE2 efficiency

Lenze is ready to meet the efficiency level IE2 with a range of L-force geared motors that meet the efficiency levels and also give many standard options. The L-force range covers helical, shaft ...

Silicone cures to depth in seconds

Intertronics has launched Dymax Cure-Point 9440-A/B silicone, which it says cures to depth in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light, providing protection to electronic components and circuitry.

Pressure sensors for harsh environments

Three new ranges of pressure sensors from Kistler Instruments use a new, patented double lip sealing method designed to eliminate the need for an O-ring seal. This helps ensure accuracy where ...

180W intelligent drive

Technosoft has launched the IBL3605, a compact intelligent servo drive measuring 65 x 58 x 19mm, which reaches up to 600W peak power.

Lift inverter drives

Gefran's new ADL and AVRy lift drive inverters cover entry-level to advanced performance for power ranges up to 90kW with an emphasis on energy efficiency and application versatility.

Single axis 4-20mA Servo Inclinometers

Sherborne Sensors has announced the global launch of the T435 'L' series, a range of compact, rugged, single axis gravity referenced servo inclinometers, designed for precision angular measurements ...

Precision solid state accelerometer

Sherborne Sensors has introduced the A640 series, a range of customisable, single-axis solid state accelerometers, offering precision measurement capabilities within a variety of applications.

Ball screws convert rotational and linear motion

Misumi Europa supplies a variety of ball screws for converting rotational motion into linear motion and vice-versa. They consist of a threaded spindle, a ball screw nut, with integrated balls, and a ...

New rivet for double flush assembly

As electronic applications have become smaller and smaller it has become one of the challenges of fastening to create a rivet which when placed is flush on both sides that is small enough for these ...