Easily-accessible information on the latest commercially-available technology that can help the design engineer do his or her job more efficiently.

Feature rich compact drive series

Parker Hannifin has extended the AC10 series of compact drives to offer power ratings in 230V three-phase drives category up to 15kW.

Paint it blackest

Surrey NanoSystems has released a spray version of the world's blackest coating material, enabling a range of products to take advantage of Vantablack's thermal and light absorption characteristics. ...

High servo power in a compact design

JVL Industri Elektronik has added the 1.5kW rated MAC1500 to its integrated servo motor range, and is now available in the UK through Mclennan. The MAC1500 sits in the MACmotor range of brushless ...

Highly robust solid lubricant

Carter Manufacturing has released Cobra Solid Lubricants (CSL) for ball and roller bearings. CSL is a graphite-based solid lubricant that is injected into clean bearings and thermally cured to harden ...

Making bearing conversions easy

Cooper Bearings has introduced the SNQ pedestal, a range of plummer blocks for split roller bearings. The angled SNQ pedestal is claimed to simplify the fitting of bearing units as the angled joint ...

Accurately measuring colours and shades on-the-fly

Micro-Epsilon has launched the colorCONTROL ACS7000 colour measurement system that is claimed to identify colours using any of the XYZ; L*a*b*; L*u*v*; RGB and DIN99 measurement definitions. The ...

Dust and splash proof drives

Mitsubishi Electric has launched the FR-A846 range of IP55 enclosed variable speed drives that are suited for use in harsher environments than conventionally packaged inverter drives.

High-speed stop-motion infrared imaging

FLIR Systems has released the FLIR X6900sc, said to be the world's fastest 640 x 512 pixel resolution thermal camera for high-speed science applications.

Heavy-duty linear positioning

Thomson’s Electrak HD series electric linear actuators are suitable for demanding positioning applications in agricultural machinery, utility vehicles and construction site equipment.