Control & Automation

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Easy, reliable connection over PROFINET

Brad HarshIO PROFINET I/O Modules with Fast Start-up (FSU) technology to start and operate the module in less than 500ms, are now certified by the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation in accordance with ...

New ‘type 2’ circuit breaker

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a modified, automatically-reset thermally-activated circuit breaker – a 'type 2' version holding 100% rated current continuously in accordance with SAE J553.

The stepper motor that CAN

A new five-phase stepper motor with encoder, built-in driver and CANOpen interface has been launched by Sanyo Denki and is available in the UK from EAO.

World leader in diaphragm pumps

KNF design and manufacturing diaphragm pumps and are recognised throughout the world for their quality, reliability and performance.

Winkel bearings handle higher loads

Winkel combined bearings from HepcoMotion. Continuous development makes them the superior choice for loads from 10kg to 100 tonnes.

Plug & Play –The Easy Way

The new ZST-2.5 plug-in connection system from Contaclip is designed to speed up installation and reduce wiring errors in all types of applications. These touch safe terminals and connectors can be ...

High force out-door actuators

Linak's new LA36 & LA37 actuators enhance the company's extensive industrial product range. These actuators are available up to a 1000mm stroke and have a push / pull capability up to 15000n dynamic ...

High lifting power in a small package

Linak's new LA23 actuator enhances LINAK's extensive product range. It is available in a 1200N version, a 1500N version and a 2500N version.

Your genius. Our drive.

For over 60 years, Electrocraft has been helping engineers translate innovative ideas into reality – one reliable motor at a time.

Converters protect automation components

Weidmüller's serial/Ethernet converters are equipped with one or two serial ports and make it simple to integrate practically all serial terminal devices in existing Ethernet structures.

Drive Lines Technologies

Cost-effective motion control solutions from Drive Lines Technologies. Our range of linear positioning stages and intelligent step motors provide precision solutions for your high tech and miniature ...

Sendix incremental encoders

Kuebler's latest generation of incremental encoders deliver high performance in their tough, compact and flexible design.

A revolution in intelligent dampers

EasyERF Intelligent Damping - this new technology from German manufacturer Bansbach, offers electronically adjustable dampers with reaction times measured in milliseconds.

Swappage scheme for drives and motors

ABB's drives and motors swappage scheme allows companies to trade in their old drives and motors from any manufacturer for new ones from ABB.