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Valves prevent wasteful venting

Burkert's Type 8690 EEx valve control heads provide a decentralised method of opening and closing of process valves automatically.

Commercial worms and wheels

A standard, commercial range of worms and wheels is one of the latest developments available from power transmission specialist, Ondrives.

Drive upgraded for motion control

Parker Hannifin has increased the flexibility and capability of its AC890 Modular Systems and AC890PX High Power Systems AC drives with the launch of high resolution analogue input and encoder option ...

Ondrives' spur gear racks range

A wide range of spur gear racks is now available from power transmission components specialist, Ondrives via its newly launched 528 page gear products catalogue, containing both gearboxes and gears.

Maskant gives protection in harsh environments

SpeedMask 730-BT from Intertronics is a DYMAX masking resin, formulated to provide excellent surface protection during chemical milling/etching, plating, anodising, and aggressive grit-blasting ...

Schneider launches new drives and controls

Schneider Electric's new Lexium 32 range of three servo drives and two servo motor types is a simplified drive range that comes in a compact book style, offering maximum efficiency in a reduced space.

Brushless dc gearmotor with WX gearhead

Bodine Electric Company has introduced its new WX gearhead in conjunction with its upgraded 34B-frame brushless dc motor. According to Bodine, the WX is a new high-torque gearhead built to provide ...

Thin and Ultra-thin Films and Foils

Goodfellow offers hundreds of polymer films and more than a thousand metal foils in small quantities for research applications and prototype development across dozens of industries.

Pass through seals For Trocars

Material selection and coatings are two important factors to consider in dealing with friction when designing pass-through seals for endoscopic trocars. According to Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, ...

New cleaning version of melamine resin foam

BASF has developed a new cleaning version of its melamine resin foam Basotect. The new grade is called Basotect W. and, according to BASG, it cleans even more efficiently and is whiter than the ...

Carbon fibre filled resin

Weight reduction for both fuel and systems cost savings remains a long-haul strategy for the airline industry, and has opened up another major development opportunity for SABIC Innovative Plastics ...

Aerotech's nano Motion Technology range expands

Following closely behind the recent launch of single-axis and dual X-Y axis ANT series linear nanopositioning stages as a part of Aerotech's nano Motion Technology (nMT) range, two new rotary and two ...

Innovative plastics create sustainable insulation

Through co-development efforts with SABIC Innovative Plastics, Japan's Nissei Eco Company Ltd. has created a unique solution to significantly reduce the environmental impact of wire harness ...

High-efficiency motors exceed standards

WEG's new NEMA W22 range of high and premium efficiency three-phase electric motors offer the highest levels of energy efficient performance, reducing losses by between 10% and 40% when compared with ...

New drive handles small components

With the introduction of a new addition to the SBD Sealed Belt Drive, HepcoMotion is now able to provide performance advantages at an attractive cost to a wider range of automation systems.

Lenze ready for IE2 efficiency

Lenze is ready to meet the efficiency level IE2 with a range of L-force geared motors that meet the efficiency levels and also give many standard options. The L-force range covers helical, shaft ...

180W intelligent drive

Technosoft has launched the IBL3605, a compact intelligent servo drive measuring 65 x 58 x 19mm, which reaches up to 600W peak power.

Lift inverter drives

Gefran's new ADL and AVRy lift drive inverters cover entry-level to advanced performance for power ranges up to 90kW with an emphasis on energy efficiency and application versatility.