Test and Measurement Equipment

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Fast and accurate extensometer

Imetrum utilises patented measurement technology in the fastest and most accurate non-contacting strain measurement device available commercially. Imetrum's system was tested at 500Hz to ISO ...

PSV-500 Notebook scanning vibrometer is portable

The PSV-500 Notebook Scanning Vibrometer is a high resolution low noise vibration measuring system from Polytec. It is suitable for entry into the world of vibration and the study of complex ...

Camera enables thermal imaging of microelectronics

Micro-Epsilon's latest thermal imaging camera, the thermoIMAGER TIM 640, is able to record radiometric video images at an optical resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Measuring just 45 x 56 x 90mm, it is ...

Thermal cameras enhance condition monitoring

SKF has upgraded two of its thermal cameras, the SKF TKTI 21 and TKTI 31. The devices are said to cut costs and enhance efficiency by enabling engineers to detect potential problems before they occur.

New website for Axion Polymers

The new Axion Polymers website has been redesigned to focus on its range of products for sale including 100% recycled polymers, recycled aggregates and SRF and the services it offers such as ...

Optical encoder series from INMOCO

A new series of affordable, high precision, and customisable optical encoders is now available from INMOCO, the motion control technology and systems specialist based in Daventry.

Accurate hydrogen monitoring from Quantitech

Solid-state sensing technology from Quantitech is able to detect hydrogen against virtually any background gases without false readings or expensive support equipment.

Precision thin films analysis

Ocean Optics' NanoCalc systems utilise spectroscopic reflectometry to accurately determine optical thin film thicknesses for consumer, semiconductor, medical and industrial applications.

Vision for success in quality control

A Mecmesin Vortex-i torque tester is helping an international optics company deliver vision to sight-challenged people in the developing world.