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Lose weight and gain £s on your products and equipment. Nylacast's manufacture a leading range of engineering plastics which are readily used across key industries across the globe.

With five decades of engineering experience and know-how, Nylacast work closely with clients of all industries to manufacture value adding engineering from raw chemicals through to end solutions and products in any quantity.

Utilising an on site Research & Development centre coupled with state of the art machine shops and facilities, Nylacast have the unique ability to provide various engineering products with full traceability. Nylacast materials are NOT injection moulded, there is NO minimum quantity and NO high investment injection moulding tools. Instead, Nylacast manufacture thousands of tonnes of cast nylon in one of the widest ranges of grades, profiles and sizes.

Nylacast materials are inherently light weight (1/7th of steel), self lubricating, corrosion, wear, abrasion and chemical resistant. They are excellent for machining and typically deliver lower whole life costs alongside reduction and elimination of routine maintenance.

Take advantage of our engineering know-how and contact our team of dedicated industry engineers to see what you can gain!

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