What do you know about UK manufacturing?

The UK's manufacturing sector is anything but past it; it generates some £130billion a year and employs 2.5million people. More than 50% of the UK's exports are of products made here; 70% of the cars made here are exported and the UK holds 17% of the global aerospace market.

All in all, the UK is one of the leading manufacturing nations. Yet national media outlets, which should know better, continue to suggest that Britain doesn't make anything anymore. The Make it in Great Britain campaign is looking to change perceptions and executives from 28 of the country's leading manufacturing firms have put their weight behind the campaign, calling for 'outdated views' to be transformed. The reason? Manufacturing's image - as depicted in national media - is discouraging people from taking up a career in the sector. And there is a desperate need for young people to do just that. What do you know about UK manufacturing? Test your knowledge here .