Design for destruction - design your own Robot Wars entrant

The Eureka! readership are a brainy bunch, and renowned for working on all kinds of projects and problems. So, this month we want to put you to the test, and ask for your innovative ideas and designs for your very own robot wars’ entrant.

The standard of the 2016 competing robots is no doubt the best yet. So, how would you do battle? What would your weapon be? And, how would you trade off weaponry and armoury?

The rules are relatively simple, and allow a lot of variance in design. The maximum weight is 110kg, but the competition is keen to encourage ‘walkers’ in to the arena, which are allowed an additional 25kg. You can use hydraulics, pneumatics, actuators, motors and internal combustion engines in any combination.

Robots are not permitted to fly, ‘invisible damage’ weapons are banned such as Tesla Coils, no radio jamming or nets either. Projectiles can be used but must be tethered, and your inner arsonist will also not be pleased as flame throwers and explosives are also banned.

This is a brawn and brute force competition, but it needs a good brain to produce a winning fighting machine. We will show off the best designs, ideas and comments in the next issue of Eureka!. In the meantime email your ideas to or leave a comment below.