Solving the snore

We’ve all had an encounter or two with those that have what can only be described as, ‘epic snoring skills’. Those that can routinely snore, at volume, for hours at a time. Whether it is a delicate nasal hum or the full-on guttural burble that hurts a normal person’s throat when doing an impression, trying to sleep in the same room, or even adjacent rooms, with a snorer can be near impossible.

Whether it is a partner, a shared room on a business trip, a long-haul flight or perhaps a hostel on some exotic travels, the disappointment as the rumble of a snore begins can be soul destroying. And just when you think it’s finally stopped, a sharp inward snort signals the next round.

While earplugs or listening to music can work for some, it is a case of treating the symptoms, rather than finding a cure.

The Challenge

The challenge this month is to therefore come up with some method of stopping ‘epic snorers’ from giving themselves, and those around, hearing problems by relieving their snoring altogether.

Most snoring is caused by a blockage of the airways. While this sometimes requires surgery, in most causes it can be achieved by positioning the body, in particular the head and neck, in a certain way to keep the airways as wide open as possible.

And while sprays or pharmaceuticals are available, we are looking for a more mechanical solution to hold the head in place. But remember, it must be comfortable, so ergonomic design and material selection is paramount.

The solution to last month’s challenge of how to stop someone with epic snoring skills comes in the form of a chin strap. While the device will make you laugh at the wearer, it has proven to help those with the impediment to keep the snorts and throat wheezes to a minimum.

The one-piece chinstrap is designed to hold the jaw in a stable position and prevent air flow through the mouth, meaning the deep inward breath necessary for an echoing snore, is stopped before it begins.

The EasySleep Pro’s Anti-Snoring headband claims to have been clinically tested and proven to improve sleep quality by extending the REM phase, something difficult to achieve when the snoree is turning it up to 11.

The headband is also made from a non-itchy, soft, flexible fabric that won’t irritate the face, similar to sports supports. Reviews from sites such as Amazon give the EasySleep Pro Adjustable chin strap solutions 4.5 out of 5 stars as the average review.