600 silent horsepower

A UK team has the electric land speed record firmly in its sights with its battery driven car called e=motion

. The Primetime team , which already holds the British land speed record, intends to achieve speeds in the region of 300mph - adding 55mph onto the current record. The team is confident of its chances of success. "We're using very latest battery technology," says Colin Fallows, an engineer with 30 years of aeronautical design and engineering expertise, and designer of the vehicle. "In addition, we're going to be using the lightest chassis of any car that's ever attempted the record and an innovative new drive system that has already been proven." e=motion pictured outside Franks Hall, HQ of Eureka's publishers Findlay Publications The team also have the experience to succeed where others may fail. "We've each spent over twenty five years chasing and achieving records" says Mark Newby, e=motion's driver. "There's very little that we haven't seen." With 600 silent horsepower provided by battery and solar power, the attempt on the record will be made in Spring 2003 on the Chott el Jerid salt flat in southern Tunisia. Some of the vehicle's sponsors are listed below.