ABB promotes Shore to Ship technology to the UK market

ABB Marine and Cranes are promoting the utilisation of Shore to Ship high voltage electrical connection technology in the UK market.

Also known as Cold Ironing and Alternative Marine Power, the technology allows port operators to connect vessels to the local electricity grid when they come in to harbours. This allows vessels to shut down their diesel engines and significantly cut airborne, water and noise pollution. Stuart Melling, an account manager for ABB Marine and Crane Business unit said: "This development removes some of the uncertainty a port and vessel operator would have around investing in this technology. The environmental benefits are clear." Confusion around a global standard has been a common concern. This has recently been addressed by the publication of the IEC 'Publicly Available Standard' (IEC/ISO/IEEE 60092-510) which aims to ensure global compatibility for connections, communication and protection. Melling adds: "Now that a global standard has been published, the prospect of using this solution to achieve port and vessel environmental targets, such as energy efficiency and carbon dioxide reduction, is much more compelling." The use of expensive low sulphur diesel in port drives up operating costs; this could make connection to the port supply very attractive from a commercial aspect as well as in helping to achieve environmental improvements. For port operators, this provision of electricity to vessels will bring an additional revenue stream and will help contribute to their carbon reduction targets.