Advancing future energy storage and conversion technologies with simulation

As industries worldwide shift toward a sustainable approach to energy use, the demand for cutting-edge solutions in energy storage and conversion technologies has continued to rise in order to meet growing global demand.

Both battery and fuel cell technologies are multiphysics in nature and therefore require an approach that can capture all of the physics phenomena affecting the design in one model. This webinar will delve into the methods for modeling and simulating a wide variety of battery and fuel cell systems and the advantages of adopting a digital simulation approach alongside real-world R&D.

We will also cover how researchers can use modeling tools to understand important metrics such as battery aging, thermal management, charge–discharge cycles, and more. The webinar will explore industry examples of leading companies already making strides in these areas of technological advancement.

Key Discussion Points:
- Electrolyzers for hydrogen production
- Hydrogen fuel cells for stationary and automotive applications
- Battery systems for energy storage as well as for automotive applications
- Battery, fuel cell and electrolyzer modeling scales
- Modeling different battery cooling mechanisms, such as liquid, air, and phase change material cooling
- Industry user stories of battery and fuel cell R&D using simulation

Join us on 28th March 2024, at 2pm (GMT).

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