Affordable metal 3D printer for SMEs

OR LASER has unveiled its ORLAS CREATOR direct metal additive manufacturing (AM) platform and ecosystem, developed and designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which it plans to begin shipping in 2017.

Metal AM holds great potential for SMEs, particularly for smaller engineering firms and laboratories as well as in the jewellery, dentistry, and medical sectors. However, until now, SMEs have been priced out of the metal AM market with no commercially viable options available to them.

This is precisely the type of organisation that OR LASER had in mind when developing the ORLAS CREATOR and the ecosystem around it. Its build platform features an innovative blade design that is said to ensure smooth operation and increased build speeds that produce parts up to 30% faster.

In terms of safe operation in smaller facilities, the ORLAS CREATOR utilises a cartridge materials handling system. Furthermore, parts produced on the ORLAS CREATOR are said to offer resolution comparable with higher spec machines on the market.

OR LASER has also worked on developing the operating ecosystem for the ORLAS CREATOR, with sophisticated software and interface developments. This means that no third party software is required to run the machine, eliminating additional costs of running. OR LASER has intentionally minimised dependence on third parties across its operations by producing more than 80% of the hardware in house as well.