Autodesk ForceEffect app takes simulation mobile

A new mobile simulation app for iPad that lets engineers quickly and easily simulate design options during the conceptual phase has been unveiled by Autodesk.

Available in the App store now, ForceEffect is designed to provide an intuitive environment for drawing, constraining and simulating concepts using free body diagrams by simply tapping objects to select, move, rotate and scale. Real time solving capabilities have been implemented to provide immediate feedback on the performance of a design, enabling users to bring engineering to the point of the problem wherever they are. "Autodesk ForceEffect is a mobile conceptual simulation app that brings engineering to the point of the problem," said Robert Kross, senior vice president, Manufacturing Industry Group at Autodesk. "This user friendly app can greatly benefit engineers, students and technical DIYers who need to quickly and easily evaluate their designs upfront in the design process." ForceEffect is designed to solve static systems analysis using free-body diagrams. Users simply create diagrams by leveraging existing design images or create new systems from scratch. Using the scaled static image, users can create joints, supports and loads and compute reaction forces. They can then manipulate the geometry to iterate on the design and calculate new reaction forces to optimise it. A results report that can be printed, emailed or viewed using any web browser can be generated and exported to enable easy workflow continuation in any CAD design application.