Autodesk unveils 2013 design portfolio

Autodesk has added several new products to its portfolio of 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

The company's latest offering includes a new 3D design and engineering software suit for manufacturers; a portfolio of design, engineering and entertainment software; a new building and civil infrastructure software platform; and enhanced digital entertainment creation software. The 3D design and engineering software portfolio is geared specifically towards manufacturers and includes Autodesk Product Design Suite and Autodesk Factory Design Suite. It is said to provide customers with a range of cloud services to enable a faster path to ROI for product development and delivery. According to Autodesk's senior vp Robert Kross, it also helps manufacturers improve productivity and minimise upfront investment. The company's second offering is its 2013 portfolio of Design and Creation suites, which are optimised to connect seamlessly with each other and with the cloud for improved building, entertainment, engineering, construction, infrastructure, product, plant and factory design. The new suites connect the desktop to Autodesk's cloud computing platform (Autodesk 360) and feature in-product, customisable one-click workflows and improved interoperability, making it easier to connect design and visualisation tasks. According to the company, this gives users the ability to better communicate their design intent visually. Autodesk's final offering includes its 2013 Building and Civil Infrastructure software - which is targeted at building design and construction, civil infrastructure, and plant design professionals - and its 2013 Digital Entertainment Creation Software portfolio. The latter has been enhanced to offer improved consistency and interoperability between applications for entertainment companies and creative artists in the film, game development, television and advertising industries. According to Marc Petit, Autodesk senior vp, Media & Entertainment, it provides rich visual feedback earlier in the creative process and allows artists to work in their favourite tools by making it easier to move between multiple applications. Enhancements to the Autodesk's Building and Civil Infrastructure software include expanded cloud services and improved collaboration and data management tools. The portfolio is aimed at helping design, engineering and construction professionals address challenges with enhanced building information modelling workflows. "Our design suites and cloud services help meet the demand for building information modelling by providing access to a broad set of tools that support projects from conception to construction," said Amar Hanspal, senior vp, Information Modeling and Platform Products Group, Autodesk. "The 2013 software portfolio offers significant additions to the design suites, as well as expanded web services that allow our customers to collaborate more effectively and access information from anywhere at any time."