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AWEnergy collaborates with Vital EV Solutions

Located adjacent to the A5 Trunk Road between Dunstable and Milton Keynes, the site is set to make a significant impact on sustainable transportation in the region.

The collaboration has brought to life an EV charging station situated near AWGroup's Checkley Wood onshore wind turbine.

This station features 14 high-speed EV charging points, specified by Vital EV, and operating at up 1000v, with 900kW total charging capacity currently available, with the capability to increase the sites operation to 1.6MW and able to deliver 300kW of charging power to a single connector. The charging facility is designed not only for public use, there is also a designated area for bus and heavy goods vehicle charging too.

Powering this initiative is the 4.1MW onshore wind turbine, which began generating electricity in January 2024. With dimensions including a 56-meter-long blades and a total rotor diameter of 115 meters, this turbine has the capacity to produce over 10,150,000 kWh annually.

Vital EV Solutions claims that this output can fulfil the annual electricity requirements of more than 2,800 homes or facilitate over 225,000 electric vehicle rapid charges per year, offering a rapid charge to a notable portion of the UK's electric vehicle fleet.

AWEnergy's direct wire technology will be employed to supply power to the EV station directly from the wind turbine. 

Vital EV Solutions oversaw the initial consultation phase, through to the specification, design, installation and commissioning of the charging infrastructure selected to deliver the maximum available charging up-time, with high quality Kempower equipment benefiting from Vital EV’s ‘Whole Life Solution’, ensuring the site will be serviced and maintained with industry support.

With investments exceeding £10m in its renewable energy infrastructure, AWGroup's also operates two of England's tallest onshore wind turbines.

John Fairlie, Managing Director of AWRenewables said:, "We have been proud to work with Vital EV throughout the process, and remain grateful for their experience, professionalism and commitment to our vision. This historic investment underscores AWGroup's unwavering dedication to delivering environmentally friendly, reliable, and cost-effective energy solutions that are instrumental in the UK's journey towards sustainability."