British product for a British agent

The latest Bond car incorporates a British technology to control its two bonnet-mounted guns

. Two Ondrives gearboxes were used in the latest James Bond film Die Another Day. They were fitted to Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish, to provide under-bonnet machine gun control. The gearboxes, small E20 (crossed-axis helical) and PF20 (worm-wheel reduction) helped the guns rise from the bonnet, move up and down and side to side targeting the film's villains and their ordnance. Ondrives products were requested because of the limited under-bonnet space available. The company says that the units provided a unique way for reduction and right-angle drive compared to other designs. Their small drive design with it’s distinguishing red anodised aluminium casing and one-piece construction gears gave Bond a small, robust drive that the special effects department were able to use in a great piece of cinematic footage. When you see the film look at the first scene with the Aston Martin car - when it is being shown to James Bond - and you will be able to see that when the self-targeting guns appear from under the bonnet, Ondrives' small red units are visible under the gun’s base. MF Die Another Day (c) 2002 Danjaq, LLC & United Artists Corporation. All rights reserved