CAD users increase use of CAM by 34% last year

The IT, software and telecom industry research specialist, The Business Advantage Group has announced details, from its Worldwide CAD Trends 2016 Survey, specific to Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). The survey results are based on responses from CAD users, designers, engineers, professionals including managers and senior executives.

The survey results showed that future CAM software growth potential is predicted as 17% this year and 29% over the next three to five years.

Overall, 56% of CAD users are aware of CAM, 24% currently use it and it ranks seventh out of 15 in importance across all the trends. As expected in CAM, there is significantly higher usage in Manufacturing (34%) than in AEC (9%) or other industries.

Looking at just those that use or plan to use CAM software, 34% of them increased their usage of it over the past year, 48% used it about the same amount as the previous year and 4% saw a decrease. This indicates continuing potential to maintain and upsell current users.

Six in 10 want to see ‘more’ software development effort on CAD/CAM integration. 70% think it is ‘important’ to have machining instructions automatically generated from 3D CAD models.

The most used CAM software products are MasterCAM (20%), NX CAM (14%), InventorCAM (10%), SolidCAM (9%) and CAM for Fusion 360 (8%).

Chris Turner, CEO of Business Advantage Group said: “All this portends well for increased focus on CAM by CAD vendors.”

He added that the trend towards increased usage of 3D printing is a closely related trend to CAM and is likely to be increasing the increasing use of CAM.