Camera and software team up for machining quality management

To manage the production of aluminium parts cast for vehicles, to reduce weight and improve fuel consumption, EVT (Eye Vision Technology) recommends its EyeVision software used with a high resolution camera. This combination can manage casting and machining, using industrial image processing.

Thermal and chemical stress during the casting process is a challenge for the quality of the structural elements. The company's EyeVision inspection program inspects the surfaces of both, form and cast part. The system can detect scratches up to only a few µm on the surface.

Second, there are errors and structures, which cannot be detected on the surface. Those can be made visible with CT, X-ray or thermal imaging. The software can be combined with thermal cameras from various makers and has a command set for thermal imaging.

For the complex structural and surface quality, the software provides a drag-and-drop system. The GUI (graphical user interface) can be handled intuitively and without programming skills, says the company. Additionally, the Layout Manager ca be used to create individual process interfaces. This makes the handling of the quality inspection easier for the staff. The PlugIn System allows the user to create their own commands and integrate them into the graphical interface.