Castrol and WAE in EV fluid partnership

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Castrol and Williams Advanced Engineering are joining forces on the development and rollout of a range of fluids for electric vehicles.

The five-year strategic partnership project will focus primarily on the multiple electric motorsport series that WAE currently supplies batteries for, with Castrol supplying EV Thermal Fluids for Extreme E, Formula E, ETCR and LMdH. Castrol fluids will be rolled out across WAE’s high performance motorsport batteries from May 2022, with the companies will also aiming to develop a EV fluids for different areas of electrification including marine and aerospace applications.

“We are delighted to be part of this strategic partnership with Castrol which I believe will allow the development of products specifically designed to support electrification, in whatever form that takes,” said Craig Wilson, CEO of Williams Advanced Engineering.

“In addition to the motorsport sector, I believe advanced fluid technology will be important to a number of other key sectors.”

According to the two parties, the project will enable WAE to access the complete Castrol ON product range, which includes EV Transmission Fluids, EV Thermal Fluids and EV Greases. WAE’s technical teams will have access to the latest developments in EV Fluids for battery cooling systems, including immersive cooling technology. The project will also see new concepts explored that will potentially improve second life performance and circularity of batteries and fluids.

“As the world of mobility accelerates towards an electric future, it’s essential that we fully understand the requirements and challenges of electrifying all forms of mobility,” said AS. Ramchander, vice president, Marketing and GAM, at Castrol

“By partnering with Williams Advanced Engineering, we hope to support the development of cutting-edge mobility solutions, as well as further advance our EV Fluid technologies.”