Continental and DigiLens collaborate on AR Head-up Displays for vehicles

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Continental has partnered with DigiLens, to develop and accelerate the adoption of ultra-thin Augmented Reality (AR) Head-up Displays (HUDs) for use in vehicles. Compared to current systems, these holographic HUDs will be smaller by a factor of three, will need less space while at the same time providing a larger image with all the relevant information.

Helmut Matschi, member of the Executive Board of Continental and head of the Division Interior, said: “More and more drivers will have all relevant information in their line of sight thanks to the advanced technology Continental and DigiLens will bring to Head-Up Displays. This will bring us closer to our vision of zero accidents.”

DigiLens, based in Silicon Valley, is a leader in holographic optical waveguide technology and materials. The knowledge DigiLens has in AR and Virtual Reality will enhance and compliment the expertise of Continental in the field of automotive HUDs.

Jonathan Waldern, founder and CEO of DigiLens, added: “With the breakthroughs we have already achieved in integrated optics, we are confident that together with Continental we will expand this technology to the automotive industry. With augmentation there is no reason not to keep your eyes focused on the road.”

With increased acceptance of AR HUDs, the companies expect driver confidence in automated driving to be enhanced significantly.