Delay strikes Bloodhound project

Setbacks have hit the Bristol-based project to develop a 1,000mph supersonic car.

The Bloodhound team had hoped to take the car to South Africa to attempt to break the current land speed record (763mph) in December, but project director Richard Noble has admitted that this will not now be possible. In a posting on the Bloodhound website, Nobel commented: "By the end of the year crucial components like the tailfin will still be in manufacture and it's quite clear that we won't be in South Africa for December as we had hoped. "Knowing that many people are planning their holidays around all this we felt it important to get the message out immediately." Nobel said the team was determined to have the car on its wheels with the EJ200 engine running this October. Testing on the Hakskeen Pan, Northern Cape, South Africa is now scheduled for Q2 2014.