Driving diesel engine efficiency with i-ART technology

Automotive component manufacturer, DENSO says it is creating greener and more efficient diesel engine technologies using its advanced i-ART pressure sensors to deliver optimal fuel injection control.

The design of the miniature pressure sensors, which monitor injection activity from within the structure of the injector itself, is claimed to allow an unprecedented level of fuel injection accuracy, monitoring the amount and timing of the process with 1/100,000 second precision. This technology means modern diesel engines can be cleaner, quieter and more fuel-efficient.

Diesel cars represent 39% of the UK car market, and while alternative fuels are growing in popularity, diesel continues to provide the efficiency needed for the long-haul driving that many motorists and businesses alike rely on.

Mike Sadler, assistant manager and technical specialist for DENSO Sales UK, said: “As the industry evolves, diesel technology needs to as well, and DENSO is at the very forefront of making a greener and more efficient diesel engine a reality.”

i-ART is already in use by some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, including becoming a key selling-point for Volvo’s eco-friendly Drive-E engine, which boasts the highest engine output and fuel efficiency in its class.

DENSO is also researching advanced gasoline engines, electric systems and several other fields in the automotive industry.