The creation of hundreds of jobs in artificial intelligence and software is possible in a new Dyson research and development centre in Bristol’s city centre.

Sir James Dyson’s home appliances business will employ hundreds of artificial intelligence and software engineers at the new centre to support the evolvement of new apps and products. At present, Dyson UK already have over 3,500 engineers across its London and Wiltshire sites.

The company aims to finish the construction of a Singapore battery plant by the end of 2023, in order to produce batteries at the plant by 2025. Additionally, Dyson has plans to spend £166 million on a R&D centre in the Philippines.

“Software, connectivity, AI and proprietary new technology batteries will power the next generation of Dyson technology,” Dyson said.

“Just like our long-term investments in pioneering digital electric motor technology, Dyson’s next generation battery technology will drive a major revolution in the performance and sustainability of Dyson’s machines.”

The technology company’s investment in the Philippines will develop a campus for 400 engineers and over 50 graduate engineers. The site is set to start operations in the first half of 2024 with a focus on software and hardware development, AI and robotics.